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Broadcast Meteorologist

Josh Knight

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I grew up in Maryland then went to the University of Miami in Florida. Tracking the weather was always more of a hobby until my sophomore year. After taking an introductory course, I decided I could take something I love and actually make a career out of it. ​

The U was an incredible fit for me. Being able to study outside for finals in December is my kind of college experience! I got involved in triathlons and even spent two years as the school's mascot, Sebastian the Ibis.

During my four years in South Florida, I lived through and tracked several tropical systems in classes and internships. Hurricane Katrina moved across Florida as a Category 1 before entering the Gulf. Minor, compared to what it would turn into, the storm still left campus a mess. That night, and through the rest of the 2005 Hurricane Season, I gained incredible respect for the power of tropical systems.

My first TV job was in Harrisonburg, VA. I met my wife there and learned a lot about forecasting and working in television. I had the opportunity to do a local Dancing with the Stars competition. It led to me moonwalking (trying to moonwalk) on TV and in front of a rather large live audience :)

From Harrisonburg, we were off to WKRC in Cincinnati. We lived in "Over the Rhine," and enjoyed being in Cincinnati during a major revitalization of downtown. I had a blast working at Local 12, soaking up everything I could from some of the very best and most experienced in local news.

After a few years, my wife and I wanted to get closer to home. I jumped on the opportunity to take a job in Washington, D.C. at ABC7 (WJLA). I spent several years gaining large market experience, covering blizzards and tornadoes, and even got to fly with the Hurricane Hunters. Our daughter Caroline was born here, so it was a great time to live close to family.

The opportunity to move up to a Chief position opened in Columbia, SC. I wanted to lead a weather team and be one of the 'decision makers.' It has given me a chance to grow and become a better manager. Our family has grown here in Columbia as well! Our son Brockman, was born in December 2021.

I am the Chief Meteorologist at WACH Fox in Columbia, SC. We have a small team of 3 meteorologists that I am proud to lead and teach. I have been extremely fortunate throughout my career to have great mentors and coaches. Now, it's exciting and fulfilling to be in that role! 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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